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 Unfortunately, due to unforeseeable scheduling conflicts with our very talented cast, FWD's production of "An Ordinary Man" has had to be cancelled. With support, we may return to this play and it's incredibly important topic. If you are interested in collaborating or supporting in any way, feel free to contact us.




Fourth Wall Down, a St.Louis-based theatre collective, welcomes short-term collaborators and creatives to participate in the upcoming regional premiere of "An Ordinary Man". FWD's treatment of the 1968 script will tackle many themes, including: White Indifference, Nationalism, Racism, the cyclical nature of Politics, Propaganda/Misinformation, News/Media, Self-Identity, and Activism/Civil Unrest. The transitions between scenes of this memory play will consist of video "Annotations", made possible by a large setpiece video wall. These annotations can be original content (music, poetry, short narratives, etc), or we are very interested in juxtaposing historical archive video with modern news/media coverage (aka "Supercut"), showing historical context or highlighting outdated thinking that has come back into fashion. "History Repeating", or "Business as Usual" resurfacing? FWD would like to incorporate as many voices as possible with our limited resources; so we only ask for short (10-60sec) proposals, for live performance. Long-form videos may be accepted and shown, if sufficient gallery hours are available. Multiple submissions are welcome. We hope to serve as a community platform for expression and discussion. All submissions will be treated seriously, but FWD is particularly interested in showcasing Artists of Color, whose perspective is underrepresented in the 1968 script. Deeper collaboration, or entry into our cast of paid co-producers, is also a possibility. Specific transitions with specific scene themes can be provided, or broad personal interpretation is welcome. Tangible artforms will also be accepted, as the production will take place inside a themed pop-up art gallery, which may remain open during the week. For more information, or to submit a proposal, email, or visit Future