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We seek to celebrate the diversity and earnest exploration

of a vibrant, multifaceted theatre scene, by creating a network of collaborative Creatives in the region, facilitating intimate tours of thought-provoking, boundary-busting, perspective-shifting productions; all aimed at redefining theatre’s visibility,  approachability, and sense of play. Never forgetting to revel in our whimsy, we hope to find a healthy medium in which to challenge the preconceptions and stigmas of our artform (Storytelling) by making a stage of all the world: presenting in unconventional spaces, and encouraging a broad audience to come as they are,

or as they would wish to be.

We trust in the talents of our craftsmen, following the mantra,

“Wine can fill any glass, and art can fill any space.”

Good wine helps; and so do good artists. If you have a production you would like to collaborate on, an idea you would like us to make a reality, or a venue you would like to showcase, your search stops here.

We will find a light for you to stand in.

Because of our atypical business model, we can generally find locations for little or no up-front cost to flexible Creatives.

We pay it forward, asking only

that participants act in-kind through the network, scouting locations in their region,

for future tours.

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