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 we've produced 

The Drowning Girls
by Beth Graham, Daniela Vlaskalic, and Charlie Tomlinson


 Fifty Shades of Shakespeare 

created and developed by Jess Shoemaker and (re)discover theatre

Hosted in St. Louis by Fourth Wall Down

Performed at 

The Crack Fox, 1114 Olive St., St. Louis, MO

Friday, March 10th, 8PM & 10PM

Shameless Grounds,1901 Withnell Ave., St. Louis, MO

Saturday, March 11th

7PM & 9PM

An orgy of hilarious, powerful, and revealing explorations of gender roles,  sexuality, kink, and relationships, all told through the bard's sexiest scenes… stripped down to 4 actors, 12 scenes and 23 roles. The only question is:  How do you want it? Every night the audience picks which actor plays each role. The possibilities are endless, and every show is a salacious surprise. Grab your BFF, your F*ck Buddy, your Bae, your Swipe Right, and prepare to get your drink on! Must be 21+ to attend.

 A Midsummer Night's Pub Crawl 

*Presented as a Members' Project Code with the Actors Equity Association*

Presented under Cocktails & Curtain Calls


Performed at:

Soulard Crawl: May 27 & 28

Nadine's, Grizzly Bear, Molly's, Henry's, Hammerstone's

Cherokee Crawl: June 3 & 4

Foam, Fortuneteller, Whiskey Ring, Melt, 2720

Grove Crawl: June 10 & 11

Atomic Cowboy, Just John, HandleBar, 4121, Attitudes

 On the Night, the audience will be more than that. They will be fellow

 travelers and revelers, walking the same path, breathing the same air, and  drinking the same strange spirits as the more oddly dressed and ‘rehearsed’ pubcrawl participants (ie, the ‘players’). At C&CC, we think that you, the audience, have gotten by on your good looks for far too long. We’re literally buying you drinks at each stop (each venue will have a unique selection of fast, premade libations, for ticket holders), AND giving you a show; so it’s only fair that you should help us out a little. As with all Tipsy Trip-C  shows, an optional show-themed drinking game will be provided, to accompany you on our journey. We’re also devising cleverly engaging ways to snap you out of your proscenium funk, including but not limited to: giving you costumes, giving you drinks, giving you lines, giving you drinks, giving you cheer cues, and possibly… giving you drinks. While we don’t think audience participation should be mandatory, we do think of it as a right of passage, and a show of comradery. You can just watch the party… or you can BE the party.

 The Weir 

A Play by Conor McPherson

*Presented as a Members' Project Code with the Actors Equity Association*

Performed under Cocktails & Curtain Calls


Performed at 

John D McGurk's:

Jan 25, 26, 27

Feb 2, 3, 9, 10,15, 17, 21(6pm), 22

Dressels Public House:

Jan 28

Feb 4, 8,11, 18, 24

  On a cold and windy winter's night in rural Ireland, the local pub is a refuge: a warm hearth and a malty pint stirs up an ancient but enduring predilection towards telling stories around the fire. 'The Weir' is the name of  the bar, after a nearby hydroelectric dam; and the characters and their stories function in much the same way as the meandering river, collected by  the 'The Weir' for a short time, generating the kind of gripping electricity

only good storytelling can, and then passing on into the night. Like water slipping through a cupped hand, "The Weir" expounds on missed  connections, mysterious illusions, and wondrous anecdotes, eliciting an easy melancholy, which is kept in check by the indomitable Irish Spirit (and 'spirits'). It is a testament to the tradition of Irish folklore, and considered by many to be Conor McPherson's finest piece.


There will be an optional drinking game to accompany the performance, as well as themed cocktails.

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