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'The Drowning Girls' Emerge from the Past to Tell Their Sad Tale
                           -Mark Bretz, Ladue News

"These women may have drowned, but their voices will be heard"

"beautifully evocative theater with a message that resonates even as it thoroughly entertains"

St. Louis Magazine 2017 A-List Award Winner!
"Theater Adventure"
-Under Cocktails & Curtain Calls

"Its tagline is “intoxicating entertainment”—that’s literal. Artistic director Nick Henderson and company embrace producing theater in 'the Dionysian way.' That’s included a hybrid of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and a Soulard pub crawl; a production of Conor McPherson’s The Weir at McGurk’s and

Dressel’s Public House; and bringing Fifty Shades of Shakespeare, an

original production by Chicago’s (Re)Discover Theatre, to The Crack Fox.

They aim to break down the fourth wall—in a way that’s fun, raucous, and approachable."

-St. Louis Magazine, "A-List Awards: Culture and Amusements"

 Press for (Re)discover Theatre's 50 Shades of Shakespeare

“'As a theater artist, we’re always asking how can we make the live-ness of this experience essential?' Howe says. “How do you take that energy and excitement and bring it into the show? Because if the audience is not interacting with the performers and a vital part of the show, everyone might as well just stay in and watch Netflix.'

You may be able to see 50 Shades of some garbage online, but to see a gender-bending version of the Bard’s friskiest scenes, you’re going to have to get off the couch." 

-Rosalind Early, St. Louis Magazine, "Chicago’s (Re)Discover Theater brings  its "50 Shades of Shakespeare" to St. Louis" 

"Cocktails and Curtain Calls Invites You to a Theatrical Pub Crawl"

-Fox 2 News Interview

Interview for A Midsummer Night's Pub Crawl
-Produced Under Cocktails & Curtain Calls
 Reviews for The Weir 
-Produced Under Cocktails & Curtain Calls-

"A play that takes place in a pub and runs in a pub enjoys one obvious advantage: Reality can double as the set. And that set brings the whole audience into the world of the play."

-Judith Newmark, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, "McPherson Play 'The Weir' Uses    Pub Setting to its Advantage"

 "A new company called Cocktails and Curtain Calls makes an impressive debut with a grand regaling of Irish playwright Conor McPherson’s chilling drama, The Weir. Setting the production in an actual tavern enhances the  atmosphere immensely and, combined with director Kari Ely’s      careful direction of a top-rate cast, makes The Weir a fanciful tale and a  tonic for a deep winter’s night."

-Mark Bretz, Ladue News, 'The Weir' Is a Ghostly Tonic for a Cold

Winter's Night: Theater Review

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